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Delivery of Ferries Aiding Guyana Designed by Changjiang Ship Design Institute of CSC Shipbuilding Industry Corporation

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   Recently, the completion ceremony for ferries aiding the Republic of Guyana designed by Changjiang Ship Design Institute of CSC Shipbuilding Industry Corporation was held in Jiangxi Province. Leaders from Department of Foreign Aid and Department of Foreign Investment & Economic Cooperation of the Ministry of Commerce, China Classification Society and Changjiang Ship Design Institute, and ambassador of Guyana to China as well as relevant experts attended it.

  In 2005, according to the requirements of the Republic of Guyana, in order to help Guyana to develop its inland water transport, Chinese government agreed to build two ferries for Guyana for free, which will be mainly used to carry cars and passengers. In line with the exchange agreements signed between the two governments in 2005, experts from China went to Guyana to carry out surveys on the ferry project in 2008. Based on the preparatory work and entrusted by Department of Foreign Aid of the Ministry of Commerce, Changjiang Ship Design Institute officially undertook the design work.

  This type of ferry will sail on the Essequibo River of Guyana, and is designed and built according to the standard of Class A navigation area of China’s inland water. The total length of the ship is 60.0 m, width 13.4 m, depth 4.0 m and design draft 2.0 m, which can carry 800 passengers, 20 crews and 44 cars or 20 freight cars at once with a speed over or equal to 12.5 kn. The fire control, lifesaving, communication and navigation and electricity all comply with the requirements of CCS, CMSA and effective standards and rules of GUYANA SHIPPING ACT 1998 (local regulations of Guyana).

  The ferries feature reasonable layout, beautiful appearance and multi-functional transport capacity. The application of them will largely improve the inland water’s transport capacity of Guyana and make contributions to the friendship between China and Guyana.

   (From: CCS Shipbuilding Industry Corporation)







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