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Sinotrans Changjiang Co., Ltd. Established in Nanjing

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  On April 21, the inaugural meeting of Sinotrans Changjiang Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sinotrans Changjiang) was held in Nanjing. Liu Xihan, president of the group, Zhang Jianwei, director of the group and president of the joint stock company, and Tao Suyun, the vice president attended the meeting.
  Sinotrans Changjiang was established after the recombination of Sinotrans Jiangsu Co., Ltd. and Sinotrans Changjiang Co., Ltd. The Company is a wholly-owned second-level subsidiary company of Sinotrans Co., Ltd. After the recombination, Sino Changjiang now consists of 13 branch companies and 30 subsidiary companies widely distributed in the Yangtze River Basin. The Company owns 25 operating vessels, 100,000 square meters of modern logistics storage facilities and 300 road transport vehicles of all types.
  Upholding the managerial principle to “supply chain logistics and provide integration services”, Sinotrans Changjiang further gives play to the network collaborative effect of the system of Sinotrans Changjiang through the integration of the current cargo port resources of all the subsidiary companies, so as to accelerate the connection among vessels, cargo and port on the unified logistics platform, to establish a integrative operation and management system, and to make new contributions to the economic development in Yangtze River Basin with quality operating capacity and service capacity.
  At the inaugural meeting, Tao Suyun announced the decision of recombination and renaming of Sinotrans Changjiang. Liu Xihan and Zhang Jianwei collaboratively unveiled the monument of Sinotrans Changjiang and made speeches, hoping that the new management team of the Company would stick together to produce continuous innovations and to make new contributions to the creation of an outstanding logistics supplier in the Yangtze River Basin. During the meeting, Zhang Jianwei and Tao Suyun also attended news release conference.
  The leaders of the joint stock company and the principals of relevant departments of the stock company attended the meeting.
  (From: Sinotrans Co., Ltd.)


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