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Sinotrans Jilin Logistics Co., Ltd. Takes Part in Ceremony of New Shipping Route Inaugurated in Jilin

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  On August 3, a cargo and passenger sea route, linking Huichun (China), Zarubino (Russia) and Niigata (Japan), was held in Zarubino. Luan Zhigang, Sinotrans Jilin’s Feneral Manager who was assigned by Sinotrans, attended this event representing Sinotrans & CSC, and cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony together with other attendees including Sun Zhengcai, CPC secretary of the Jilin Province; Chen Weigen, vice-governor of the province, the deputy administrative officer of the Russia’s Primorsky Krai, and other officials.
  The opening of the route marks a substantial step forward in the strategic partnership between Sinotrans and the Jilin Provincial Government. Moreover, this route will enhance economic links among China, Russia, Japan, and South Korea, promoting multilateral investments and business exchanges, economic and cultural communications, tourism resources exploitation and logistics development, etc. This international land-sea transportation line will also promote the economic activities around Changchun, Jilin, and Tumen River Area, carve out a way for the international sea-railway multimodal transport services in Tumen River Area, and so as to play a significant role in promoting the international cooperation and development in Tumen River Area.
  On that day, the first voyage was conducted by Shengtai, a vessel from the Shanghai Changhang Shipping (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
  (From: Sinotrans Jilin Logistics Co., Ltd.)


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