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Group Convenes Operation Symposium among Part of Enterprises

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On October 26, Group convened operation symposium among part of enterprises in Dongguan, Guangdong. President Zhao Huxiang, Vice President Dong Jianjun, Assistant President Qin Wei attended the meeting. At the meeting, the companies conducted a careful report on operation from January to September, existing problems and countermeasures. President Zhao Huxiang delivered a speech after debriefing the report. He asked the companies to actively take effective measures, to make efforts to complete the annual budget by expanding the depth cooperation with key customers, developing domestic trade business and eyeing marketing according to local conditions while effectively bring to success the work of production safety and stability preservation, and to constantly strengthen the comprehensive risk management. President Zhao gave instructions to focus on the loss reduction and making up deficits of loss-making enterprises, further strengthen the internal cooperation after Group's restructuring, vigorously tap potential, strengthen management, and make full use of the fourth quarter to complete the Group's overall budget target in 2009 .

The principal persons from Group Transport Management Department, Finance Department, Human Resources Department, Development and Research Department, Land Transportation Division and other relevant departments and 18 companies including CSC, Sinotrans Limited, Sinotrans Shipping Limited, China Leasing Company, SINOTRANS Jiuling Transport & Storage Co., Ltd, SINOTRANS Guangxi and SINOTRANS Hunan attended the meeting.


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