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Group Convenes 2009 Production Safety Working Conference

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From October 29 to 30, the 2009 SINOTRANS Production Safety Working Conference was held in Beijing. More than 140 persons attended the conference, including relevant leaders of Group and persons in charge of Group departments, CSC, Sinotrans Limited, Sinotrans Shipping Ltd. and the subsidiaries. Group President Zhao Huxiang, Liu Xihan, Secretary of the Party Committee and leaders from the Ministry of Transport and the State Administration of Work Safety addressed the Conference respectively and Group Vice President Yao Ping made a work report.

The main tasks of conference are: To sum up the work on safety since the new group was established, to analyze the situation and major problems that the safety management work is facing, and to make clear the major safety tasks in the next phase of this year and the next year.

President Zhao Huxiang delivered a speech entitled Analyze the Situation, Clarify the Ideas, Fulfill Responsibility and Work in a Down-to-earth Manner to Ensure the Stability of Group's Production Safety Situation. President Zhao profoundly expounded the importance of the production safety, made clear the guiding ideology for the production safety, clarified the basic ideas of group's production safety work and emphasized the focus of group’s production safety management, having a important guiding significance in the future production safety work..

Secretary Liu fully affirmed the remarkable achievements group has made in the production safety under a variety of difficult conditions and in accordance with the requirements of Group Party Committee and leading body. Secretary Liu expounded the importance of the production safety with "four news" and asked to effectively strengthen the sense of responsibility and mission to bring to success the work of safety and stability.

Vice President Yao Ping gave a report entitled Perfect Safety Management Long-term Mechanism to Comprehensively Promote the Work of Production Safety, in which, he reviewed the production safety work and the existing problems since the establishment of new group and set forth explicit requirements and made concrete plans for group’s production safety tasks in the near future and the next year.

The meeting called, the group leaders at all levels and the majority of employees should conscientiously implement the scientific outlook on development, firmly establish the concept of safe development, clarify the idea of safety management, grasp the right direction and advance steadily in various production safety work so as to make greater contribution to the safe, coordinated and sustainable development of group.

Representatives from CSC Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, SINOTRANS Reach Logistics Co., Ltd., CSC Nanjing Changjiang Tanker Corporation, SINOTRANS Hunan Liling Company, SINOTRANS Guangdong Co., Ltd., SINOTRANS Beijing Overland Transportation Corporation and Changhang Fenghuang Wuhu Shipping Company addressed the conference and shared their experience on the production safety management.

The conference commended 12 advanced units on the production safety and 30 outstanding individuals on the production safety among the group's enterprises in the production and operating activities. In the conference, group discussed and shared the concepts and methods on the safety management of different industries in panels.


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