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President Zhao Huxiang and Vice President Zhu Ning Attend the Review Meeting on the 1st Anniversary of VLCC Management of Changhang Youyun

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On October 23, 2009, Group President Zhao Huxiang and Vice President Zhu Ning attended the Review Meeting on the 1st Anniversary of VLCC Management of Changhang Youyun & News Conference on Three Guides for VLCC Management and delivered important speeches.

In his speech entitled Strive to Build the Nationally Strongest and Largest Tanker Company with the International Competitiveness, President Zhao noted that, in a short period of one year, it is not easy for Changhang Youyun to make today’s achievements in VLCC management; what we are doing and the results achieved further strengthen the confidence to bring success to the work of developing oil transportation business and managing VLCC. President Zhao stressed that how to build Changhang Youyun into the nationally largest and strongest tanker company with international competitiveness is one of the important tasks of the new group. In order to achieve the goal, we must place high value on the construction of the crew team and the cadre ranks, which is the key to build the most competitive tanker company. We should not only establish the Sailor Training Center as soon as possible, but also set higher starting point. We must earnestly do a good job in the risk control and safety management, which is the prerequisite for our development, and must bear the safety risk control in mind and always attach importance to it; have to constantly adjust and optimize the structure related to assets, fleet and operation, and constantly improve their competitiveness; must hold an open and inclusive attitude to strengthen the exchange, learning and cooperation with domestic and foreign peers; must keep a modest and serious style and good mental state, and always maintain "a sense of crisis like walking on thin ice" to operate and manage the fleet.

President Zhao made clear that the tanker transportation is the core business of new group and Changhang Youyun is the core enterprise of new group and the carrier for new group to develop oil transportation. President Zhao said, if Changhang Youyun is in need of support, the new group would provide all support and work together to build it into a truly nationally strongest and largest tanker company with international competitiveness. President Zhao also briefed the economic performance of new group in the 1-3 quarters, and hoped that each subsidiary company continues to work hard so as to make the biggest contribution to the new group to fully realize the annual goal.

Vice President Zhu Ning pointed out that, in recent years, Changhang Youyun has laid a solid foundation for successfully realizing the goal of independently operatingand managing VLCC through trilogy, i.e., the steady progress in great-leap-forward development, quantum jump in reform and great upgrading in management, which is worthy of pride. Next, Changhang Youyun should adhere to the way to specialization; on the one hand, should, based on the new platform, further expand to strive to build it into the first brand in China’s oil transportation and the world-class tanker company and make due contribution to SINOTRANS to develop into the top 500 in the world as early as possible.

At the meeting, part of the shore-based management departments and VLCC management personnel of Changhang Youyun exchanged experiences on VLCC management. The meeting also issued three problem-tackling achievements for VLCC management subjects, i.e., VLCC Navigation and Manipulation Guide, VLCC Cargo Operation and Management Guide and VLCC Vessels and Equipment Maintenance and Management Guide. These Guides played an important technical guiding role in ensuring the safe and steady running of VLCC fleet.


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