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The First Bulk Carrier Meeting PSPC Standard, Manufactured by CSC Jiangdong Shipyard, Smoothly Launches

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  On September 7th, a 35,000 DWT bulk carrier “Graig.Cardiff”, the first carrier meeting international PSPC standard, manufactured for UK Graig Ltd. by Jiangdong Shipyard affiliated by CSC Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSCSBICO), was successfully launched.
  “Graig.Cardiff” is a new-generation of modern ocean bulk carrier integrated with advanced design concept and ideas, which is also the first carrier manufactured by CSC Jiangdong Shipyard according to the international PSPC standard for exporting to UK.
  Upholding the belief of fully enhancing shipbuilding technology, accommodating the international new standards and producing high-quality ships in compliance with the International PSPC standard, CSC Jiangdong Shipyard highly values shipbuilding process.
  During shipbuilding, a leading group of 1# 35,000 DWT bulk carrier has been formed by CSC Jiangdong Shipyard, which is to study and absorb the Performance Standard for Protective Coatings for Dedicated Seawater Ballast Tanks in All Types of Ships and Double~Side Skin Spaces of Bulk Carriers (PSPC), issued by The International Maritime Organization (IMO). It sent some persons specially assigned to Shanghai and Beijing to participate in the NACE qualification training for protective coating which was held in China by USA, so as to lay a foundation that the first manufactured 35,000 DWT bulk carrier could successfully be launched.
  (From: CSCSBICO)


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