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Other Shipping-related Services
    Other Shipping-related Services
Crude oil transportation fleet: the company has 11 all kinds of crude oil transportation vessels, of which 1 Aframax, 2 Panamax and 8 other vessels. The main goods transported are crude l oil, Fuel Oil and so on; the main shipping line is from Middle East to Far East, from South East Asia to North East Asia. In the future, the company will expand the fleet of cruel oil transportation by all means, now we already signed a contract of 16 vessels VLCC and the order will be carried out at latter half of 2008.
Clean oil transportation fleet: the company has 19 all kinds of clean oil transportation vessels. of which 17 are MR vessels, The main goods transported are gasoline, diesel, naphtha and jet fuel, the scale of shipping is all over the world, the main area are South East Asia, North East Asia, Middle East and South Asia, Australia, Africa and west - America .Now, there are 16 oil vessels in construction, and will start to operate in three years.
Special goods transportation fleet: the company has 28 all kinds of special goods transportation vessels ,of which 17 are bulk chemical transportation vessels,4 are bitumen transportation vessels,7 are LPG transportation vessels, The main goods transported are Aromatics、Alcohol、Esters、Acid、Bases、Alde Hyde、Ketenes、Butadiene、Butane、Propane、Propylene、Trichloroethylene、Liquid nitrogen、Isobutene、Are butanes and so on, the special goods transportation fleet runs along domestic costal lines and some international lines, in the future there will be 4 chemical product transportation vessels and 4 bitumen transportation vessels take into operation.

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